BGAN Service Plans

Affordable Inmarsat BGAN data plans

To make sure you get the best rate possible for your usage requirements, Ground Control offers a wide variety of BGAN plans. This means we can reliably pair customers with the right plan – but it can be difficult to navigate all of the options.

If you need any help, please either complete the form at the bottom of the page, or contact us and we’ll propose the most cost-effective BGAN service solution for you.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the BGAN service plans we offer, or you can head straight to the Standard+ BGAN internet service page, the most affordable, and most popular, plan we offer.

Inmarsat BGAN Pricing

Global Use

Available for all Terminals

There is a huge amount of flexibility with BGAN service plans. We're here to help, so please just call or email us and we'll happily talk you through your options.

A quick guide is that BGAN Standard+ plans are lower cost, with consumer-grade routing; BGAN plans listed with 'high priority routing' will be more expensive. We also have special rates for Emergency Responders.

  • No restrictions
  • All SIM cards are reloadable / renewable
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Phone calls billed $0.99/min to any landline or cell phone worldwide
  • SMS texting billed $0.50 per outgoing text
  • Free incoming calls and texts
  • SIM can be renewed with any plan at any time

BGAN Standard+

Monthly Plan | 12-month minimum term

Our most popular BGAN plan that reduces the cost per megabyte down to under $0.15 cents if transferring gigabytes of data in a month. This is the plan to get if you may need to transfer a lot of data some months, and not so much data (or nothing) in other months. Includes 20 megabytes each month.

$63 a month

BGAN Standard+

Low-Cost High-Usage BGAN Plans

These BGAN internet plans have the same priority level as the popular IsatHub service. Where high-priority plans below cost about $5.00 USD per megabyte, Standard+ plan can offer a per-megabyte cost of below $0.15 cents.

1,000 MBs - $1,660 5,000 MBs - $2,625 Unlimited Use - $4,555

BGAN Standard+

Unlimited Internet Use

These Standard+ plans provide unlimited internet over any BGAN terminal globally for monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual calendar months. (A calendar month is Jan, Feb, March.) Plans end on the last day of valid period calendar month. Please note that Inmarsat does reserve the right to slow speeds up to 128Kbps if over 30,000 megabytes are used in a month. SKUs: BGANBWLP30K, BGANBWLP3MO, BGANBWLP6MO, BGANBWLPMAX

$4,555 1 Month $12,640 Quarterly $23,377 Bi-Annual $42,949 Annually

BGAN Standard+

1 Gigabyte Consumer Grade - 1 Month

This plan provides 1,000 megabytes of internet service during the current calendar month (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.). Can purchase additional months for an extended usage period. SKU: BGANBWLP1K

1,000 Megabytes at $1,660 = $1.66 per Megabyte

BGAN Standard+

5 Gigabytes Consumer Grade - 1 Month

A great deal. This plan provides 5,000 megabytes of internet service during the current calendar month (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.). Can purchase additional months for an extended usage period. SKU: BGANBWLP1K

5,000 megabytes at $2,652 = $0.53 per megabyte.

High Priority Routing

100 Megabytes Prepaid SIM Plan

Valid 90 days - top up megabytes any time. SIM card includes 100 megabytes that may be used at any time during a 90-day period. SKU: BGANBW100QRT

100 megabytes at $525 = $5.25 per megabyte

High Priority Routing

200 Megabytes Prepaid SIM Plan

Valid 90 days - top up megabytes any time. SIM card includes 200 megabytes that may be used at any time during a 90-day period. SKU: BGANBW200QRT

200 megabytes at $995 = $4.97 per megabyte

High Priority Routing

300 Megabytes Prepaid SIM Plan

Valid one year from activation - top up megabytes any time. SIM card includes 300 megabytes that may be used at any time during a one-year period. SKU: BGANBW300ANN

300 megabytes at $1,467 = $4.89 per megabyte

High Priority Routing

600 Megabytes Prepaid SIM Plan

Valid one year from activation - top up megabytes any time. SIM card includes 600 megabytes that may be used at any time during a one-year period. SKU: BGANBW600ANN

600 megabytes at $2,820 = $4.70 per megabyte

High Priority Routing

1200 Megabytes Prepaid SIM Plan

Valid one year from activation - top up megabytes any time. SIM card includes 1200 megabytes that may be used at any time during a one-year period. SKU: BGANBW1200ANN

1,200 megabytes at $5,639 = $4.70 per megabyte

High Priority Routing

High-Use BGAN SIM Cards/Plans

Valid one year 2 Gigabytes - $9,360 | 3 Gigabytes - $13,980 | 4 Gigabytes - $18,560 5 Gigabytes - $23,100 | 7 Gigabytes - $32,060 | 10 Gigabytes - $41,300 15 Gigabytes - $61,200 | 25 Gigabytes - $77,826 | & Higher SKU:BGANBWHU

High Priority Routing - please order by email or phone.

High Priority Routing

Usage Only BGAN Service - 1 year term

A usage-only internet service - Pay for only what you use each month at $6.99 per megabyte transferred. SKU: BGANBWUSAGE

$74 per month

Emergency Responder

Public Safety BGAN Service Unlimited Use

Affordable, usage-based BGAN service specifically designed for public safety organizations. Internet usage is billed monthly at these rates: $4 per MB for the first 100MBs transferred. $3 per MB for the next 400MBs transferred. $2 per MB for the next 500MBs transferred. $1 per MB for the next 3,000MBs transferred (3 gigabytes or GB). $0.10 cents per MB for over four gigabytes for unlimited use ($100 per GB). SKU: BGANBWEMER

$60 per month + Usage 12 month minimum term ($650 if paid annually)

COVID-19 Special for all Aid and NGO Workers

Globally Unlimited Use Internet For 90 Days For $4,000

Ground Control is offering all aid workers from any location on the globe a special unlimited use BGAN internet package valid for 90 days for a one-time cost of $4,000 USD. Please email us at for details on this exceptional offering.

Unlimited Use Internet for 90 days - $4000

BGAN Service Plan Details (Apply to all Plans)

  • BGAN service can be expensive. These techniques can help reduce data usage over BGAN. We also offer these low-cost plans for high-data use.
  • BGAN SIM cards are forever and do not need to be replaced. A deactivated SIM/plan can be reactivated with any BGAN plan we offer.
  • Unused megabytes/gigabytes purchased from any plan above do not rollover if the plan is renewed.
  • Purchase is of BGAN SIM card that’s activated, installed, and fully-tested with purchased equipment (if equipment is purchased).
  • Consumer-grade routing services are for those comfortable with possible network congestion that may impact internet speeds.
  • BGAN Standard+ plans and some other plans may require credit approval, credit card, or deposit.
  • *Incoming voice calls are free. However, the calling party will be charged at their provider’s rates to call to your satellite phone.
  • Voice calls over BGAN service do not use available megabytes, meaning there’s no extra charge other than standard BGAN calling rates.
  • All BGAN SIM cards / plans may be upgraded, renewed, refilled, and reactivated to any plan any time. Just email us.
  • Please request voicemail services be activated. Activation of voicemail is free. BGAN voicemail instructions.
  • BGAN Benefits – Free usage reports, daily/weekly/monthly thresholds and free firewall controls.
  • You may purchase just the BGAN SIM card(s) from Ground Control for any existing BGAN terminal(s). We ship SIMs free worldwide.
  • BGAN terminals operate in any country with the four Inmarsat satellites without any plan changes. No licence or certification required.
  • There is a one-time activation fee of $40 with most accounts. There is no activation cost for renewing, or upgrading an active BGAN SIM.
  • All annual prepaid BGAN plans may auto-renew each year unless requested otherwise. Excellent for long-term use.
  • BGAN consumer grade Standard+ plans are for land-based subscribers only.
  • Standard+ plan tiers reset on the last day of the month at 11:59:59 PM GMT time. Usage after that time counts towards a new month.
  • BGAN prepaid voucher service plans are available from Ground Control. A higher cost per MB service using voucher units.
  • BGAN FirewallBGAN VPNStreamingSMSFAXStandard and Non-standard calling.

Optimize Connected Devices and Save $

BGAN service can be expensive, but if one takes steps to minimize the amount of data a connected laptop-smartphone-tablet uses, then portable BGAN terminals are useful anywhere!

Free advice on configuration

BGAN Optimization Techniques

BGAN Public – Static Public IP Addresses

Public-Static IP addresses for BGAN terminals are available from Ground Control and are useful for connecting to a VPN that requires a static IP, or for accessing devices connected to your BGAN terminal from the Internet. These publicly routable IPs will not change no matter where you connect on the globe. Public IP address are not required if using IPSec VPN service.

$25 monthly, $75 quarterly, or $300 annually

Add Publicly Routable IP Addresses To Connected Devices

Local Phone Numbers for Inmarsat

Give your BGAN satellite phone a local number for almost any country or any area code for the United States. Make it easy for others to call you on your BGAN phone.

$10 /month + minutes

Local Phone Numbers for Inmarsat

Multi-User "SCAP" Plans

Buy a block of Gigabytes that are shared by a group of BGAN terminals (or SIM cards). Organizations that have more than one BGAN terminal can use SCAP plans to pull from a pool of Gigabytes. Service not used by one or more terminal can be used by others for excellent overall cost savings.

Case by case pricing

Multi-User SCAP – Shared Corporate Allowance Plan

BGAN M2M Service

Monitor and control any remote device anywhere on the planet for a low $24 a month. An excellent service for controlling pumps, valves, weather stations, water levels, doors, even video surveillance. BGAN M2M equipment is inexpensive, yet operates unmanned in extremely harsh environments.

Multiple plans starting from $24 per month

BGAN M2M Service Plans

BGAN Firewall

Limit BGAN traffic (and expenses) to only certain destinations. BGAN Firewall rules are a free service offered to all Ground Control BGAN subscribers.

$0 per month

Learn more about BGAN Firewall

Add Streaming Services

Add the pay-per-minute unshared data service to your BGAN pre-paid plan above by including a refundable deposit for using the streaming service. If you’d like to use only the streaming service, and not purchase a pre-paid plan, that’s OK, too. Streaming services are used for live video feeds.

Charged per minute

Learn more about BGAN Streaming Services

BGAN Network Security

Ground Control offers several ways to secure your BGAN network connection:

  1. BGAN Firewall Controls – free custom rules for each BGAN SIM card
  2. IPSec VPN to one of the Inmarsat SAS IPSec points worldwide
  3. Co-Location customer owned VPN hardware at an Inmarsat SAS point worldwide
  4. Point-to-Point VPN end-to-end VPN using customer equipment
  5. A Private BGAN Network via MPLS to an Inmarsat SAS points,

Multiple pricing options

Learn more about BGAN Network Security

BGAN Portal - System Monitoring Portal

This web portal allows you to see the mapped GPS location of your BGAN terminal(s), see the live upload and download usage totals (7 minute delay) of any terminal from any selected time range, wake-up or put to sleep any terminal, and have a detailed historic list of all actions, plus many more features.

Track, monitor and control your BGAN terminals for $19 a month (with a one-time setup fee). No terms contracts. Cancel anytime.

Learn more about BGAN Terminal Management.


Similar to cell phones, BGAN terminals can only operate with an active BGAN SIM card inserted into the SIM slot on the terminal. If you purchase a BGAN terminal with service from us, we’ll activate, configure, and test the system to make sure it’s fully operational before we ship it out.

$5 per SIM (free shipping worldwide)

More on BGAN SIM Cards


BGAN Link GEO allows unlimited non-suspending Internet service for certain countries with 30 Gigabytes of service available at full speed.

From $0.04 per MB transferred at full speed service

Where is BGAN Link available?

BGAN Prepaid Vouchers

Prepaid BGAN vouchers units with Ground Control work with all BGAN terminals. Service is global, easy to understand, very competitive, and we use the latest network hardware for superior performance.

Vouchers from $125

See all Prepaid Voucher SIM Cards and Voucher Unit Plans

BGAN HDR Service

The new BGAN HDR Service (high data rate) is designed for high-performance IP streaming data transferring at 650Kbps with the Explorer 710 BGAN Terminal for all HDR services, and the Hughes 9211 for HDR Asymmetric. These kinds of speeds have until now only been available for bulky VSAT satellite dishes. BGAN portability with the HDR service can revolutionize how live video is streamed from anywhere on the globe.

HDR Bundles from $1,500

See BGAN HDR bundle rates

BGAN Standard and Non-Standard Calling Rates

Here you’ll find all of the rate card information related to making calls using a BGAN phone. These rates are exclusive to Ground Control BGAN service subscribers.

Phone charges from $0.99 per minute

BGAN Standard and Non-Standard Calling Rates

Rent a BGAN Terminal

Ground Control offers many BGAN terminals for hire worldwide, with a wide choice of data plans to suit every budget.

Pricing per MB from $0.33

Rent a BGAN Terminal


Since Inmarsat doesn’t sell BGAN service direct, Ground Ground Control provides the monthly or prepaid BGAN services to any subscriber at any time. With pre-paid service, you’re purchasing a set number of megabytes that can be transferred over the course of the valid period.

All megabytes will be available until they’re used or the valid period expires. You can refill or top up a pre-paid plan at any time by emailing us.

BGAN Frequently Asked Questions

Global Coverage and Service

With Ground Control service, BGAN terminals can connect anywhere on the planet except for the North and South Poles. If you’re within one of the three colored regions, you may connect at broadband speeds, as well as make and receive phone calls from anywhere.

BGAN Coverage Map

How Much Data Do I Use?

How much can you actually use the service purchased? How many emails can you read? How many web pages can you visit? Does making phones call count toward data usage? They’re all good questions. And here are the answers.

BGAN Usage

BGAN Optimized Laptop

BGAN Service can be expensive at $5 per Megabyte transferred. Our optimized laptop can slash usage to a fraction of normal usage.

High-Performance Optimized Laptop

BGAN Ready Cases

Place your BGAN terminal inside of a hardened all-weather case. Includes everything needed to make your global mobile office.

BGAN Hardened Ready Cases

Why Choose Ground Control?

While there are other resellers you could choose to purchase your BGAN equipment and service from, with Ground Control, you’re working with a BGAN internet service provider and not a reseller. We also provide a no-cost BGAN firewall option for high-security and auto-registration pre-configuration for one-button activations – and many other benefits. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative to help you find the most cost-effective satellite communications solution for any situation.

USA Contact


Europe Contact

+44 (0) 1452 751940
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